Saturday, December 29, 2007

A decade to achieve

Joy has tagged me yet again. And this time it is the plans for the next ten years. The way years keep rolling down one after another, i thought i should pick up this tag fast enough before we reach 2008.
And here it goes:
* I would like to lead life with a balanced and calmer attitude, more focused. That said want to add a few minutes of yoga and meditation to my daily routine.

* As kids grow, i would like to spend more and more quality time with them. Would like to stuff the whole world in their little brains and give them a conquering attitude towards life and its puzzles.

* It has been long that i have gone to theatres to watch movies with friends. Probably i get to do that once in a while to rejuvenate oneself.

* There were times when a whole day of reading in the library would enthral me. I would like to get back to those pleasurable days.

* I am sure no man can achieve perfection, but atleast would like to aim at it.

I would like to tag

Wishing everyone a happy new year 2008...


  1. hey...HAPPY NEW YEAR!! and hope you achieve all these in the next few years. Most of your wishes seem so go on and get to it!!

    I had just finished doing this tag....u can check it out here

  2. Hi,Looks you have tagged me...I would complete my tag hopefully by end jan when I propose to complete the 3 part yarn I have in my blog.Ok !
    Belated Wishes for a Happy New Year

  3. Sorry for the delay, but I have completed the tag :). Thanks for tagging me, it really made me think ;-).

  4. you should have left a note saying that you had tagged me.I almost missed this.I've done something similar but I'll try again.


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