Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I wonder if i was a little crazy in not accepting this realistic proverb. There were days when i was in my teens and even untill a few years back, i had a great liking for songs of the current era. I still like music from 80's, 90's. But when it goes back to 60's and 70's, no i would not. I remember parents hearing to vivid bharathi on AIR in the noon and evenings to the golden music of their age. Probably i have switched it off many times, rather then give my ear to it.
Lately after a hectic week at work and home, i was driving to work on a friday. I just picked a cassette from the holder in the car while concentrating on the road. This was lying here untouched for eras i guess. It started playing.. Dil Dhoondhtha hain phir wohi .. from Mausam. I just enjoyed the song and the drive thoroughly.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

A comic scene

It was a friday evening and people were rushing towards the station from work. I overheard the conversation between two men who were walking past.

A: Any plans for the weekend?

B: My inlaws are going to come over.

A: Oh, How is it going to be??

B: LOL Well........

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Some rough days

My project was taken over by the downtown office and i had no go but to start commuting to downtown. Hubby as usual goes to downtown. So we decided, one of us drop Tiny to school and catch a later train and the other pick her up in the evening. I
agreed to leave early to work and come back in time to pick her up from school. One of the days, i decided i will work from home taking the job of dropping and picking up Tiny. I dropped her to school and happily waited for her to eat her breakfast.
Ah i thought to myself, for one day there is no need to rush and can spend a little more time with Tiny. Tiny did not want me to leave her back at school. Probably she must have thought i have a day off. I convinced her and finally left.
I come home to find out the internet is not working at home. I rebooted the machine, tried unplugging and re-pluggin the network cord. I keep getting Page not found. It was 8.30 and i realised i am getting late. I ran to the clubhouse to find
out if they had internet connection there and i would not mind working from there. Nope invain.Called up hubby to see if he has any ideas, i could not reach him, it went directly to voicemail. I started to loose my temper, threw the phone, banged
the table. I asked my neighbours and found that internet was down in the whole area. I cursed myself for opting to work from home. Hubby is the one who opts to wfh atleast once a week and i never do it. But when i choose to do it, this is what
happens!!! I missed the last express train. I had not even taken my bath. I decided to finally catch the train which was at 10.20am that was supposed to reach downtown at 11.40am stopping at all possible stations. I had my bath and dressed up and started to walk to the station. I had just walked a quarter of a mile to the station, when a thought occured......My company has another branch in a suburb 40 minutes away from home where i was working earlier. I thought i should drive up there and work from there. It would have hardly made a difference to my manager since she is at denver and the rest of the team in India. Ah No that cannot be done too. Ask me why?? Well that is another story. Hubby had a very small accident with our car that lead to a flat tyre. So it was being taken care off in the garage. He forgot to pick up the car seat. We had been given a rental car but had no insurance coverage on it. If i take the van, hubby will be tied and thus cannot pick up Tiny from school. Ow!! what a confusion. With all this on the mind i walked to the station on the never ending route in the hot sun. Alas i reached and mom calls to tell me that the internet just started working and appa has been browsing the news papers. I knew it was not my day.
I reached work and half the day was gone. I had to compensate for all the hours lost. I called it a day by 7 pm and caught the train back home. Tiny was sneezing and coughing. This is nothing new. Every winter we atleast need 2 bottles of dimetapp.
So this is just the start. Gave her Dimetapp and asked her to practice her alphabets. Tiny who writes from A-P was not willing to write anything. She wants me to paint her nails. I had no patience at all. I might have never used nailpolish till
my 5th grade perhaps and this girl is not even 3 year old. I tried to calm down and painted her nails. She tried to be delicately holding her marker to write A. She was scared of her nailpolish getting wiped in the process. I could not take
it anymore and gave her a thorough wack. She started to cry. Infact it was more screaming then crying just to gather attention from the rest of the people in the house. At the end of the day, my mom who was a silent spectator to all this
looked sad. I knew why she could have been down, parents were about to leave in a week back to bangalore, they were going to miss their grand kids. It was later she told me that all i needed was patience and that i thoroughly lacked the same.