Friday, June 27, 2008

a MeMe TaG

Usha tagged me this time and i did quite enjoy revealing myself. This was pending from sometime, so here it is:

I am: a challenged mother of 2 little kiddos.
I think: parents mean a whole world to me.
I know:life is short and should be making the best use of time.
I want: a more responsible me
I have: the best i could get
I wish: i could take the kids out to some fun place every weekend
I hate: having to argue, shout or bargain
I miss: the huge parking lots in the US
I fear: bad addictions
I feel: sad seeing little kids suffering from fatal diseases
I hear: "Come come" which my 1.2 year old son repeats as he wakes up in the early morning and drags his bedspread out of the room.
I smell: burnt or slightly spoilt food from far far away.
I crave: juices, milkshakes anytime during the year.
I search: for all gossipy stuff in magazines and newspapers.
I wonder: how to control the tongue's mind as it goes in the proverb "Tongue has a mind of its own"
I regret: not knowing all the options to be choosing from.
I love: walking, exercising
I ache: when I get stressed
I care: for my friends
I am not: extravagant
I believe: in the almighty power
I dance: when i have the right company
I sing: for and with the kids.
I cry : when i am hurt badly
I don’t always : do what i think.
I fight : with none other then DH as we both do not have siblings.
I write: less blogs but read more of my fellow bloggers. Lazy Me.
I win: when i am not pressurised.
I lose: many a times but do not take it seriously
I never: keep a routine, every day is different
I always: make it a point to calm down and take a deep breath
I confuse: myself with assumptions
I listen: to all types of music except rock
I can usually be found: surfing channels on the TV
I am scared: of heights
I need: to aim before i hit the target
I am happy about: what life has offered me this far.

Anyone who wishes to please pick this tag and leave a comment, so i get to read yours.