Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tiny Tidbits

I was taking the kids to watch "Life of Pi". I had once gone with my colleagues and loved the movie. I thought kids might really admire and hence took them. On the way i was telling them the story briefly. This was mainly to avoid Little snapping every now and then in the movie to ask questions. I don't mind if i have seen the movie earlier but his talks get loud and disturb others as well.
  So after he heard the story from me, he asks:

Little: Amma, Is this a real story?
Me: May be, not sure
Tiny: No it is a fiction.
Me: So what is fiction Tiny?
Tiny: Don't you know? It is just the author's imagination....

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Secret Daughter - Book Review

Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda is one amazing book of its own kind. Author takes you on a wonderful journey as though you are watching a movie. You never feel like putting the book down. I normally do not write book reviews unless i love the book to such extents. 
The story is about an adopted girl child who wants to know more about her biological parents and loves her adopted parents to the core. The insecurity the mother feels when the kids goes in search of the biological parents is described so so well, i had tears in my eyes. The story line is natural and well written.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Tiny and her discovery

Tiny although little in structure thinks big when it comes to using smart phones any brand any make. These are below findings:

  1. She says, Amma, there are 3 ways to voice record using your phone. Where as i only know one single route and never bothered others.
  2. The girl knows to switch on Background data and visit Google Play store to download new games. 
  3. Opens up browser and uses the Voice recognition to search for Dora and others while helping her brother search for spider man and Hulk and watch you tube videos.  Imagine one day when i was just getting ready for work i hear "Hulk and Spider man fighting" many times being repeated in the same fashion. I went to see what was going on. Much annoyed i snatched the phone. I always wonder how i get a 400 rs more always in my bills. Now i know it. 
God bless me and help me save my kids from the early internet usage...

Friday, November 9, 2012

Gadgets and Hubby

Hubby loves playing with new gadgets installing them, setting it up and anything of that sort. My 9 month old LG phone lost its touch. Blame it on the kids this time. Hubby is more then happy to hear this from me. So the conversation goes here:
Hubby: This is the second time he is buying me a phone and so he goes, alright I will buy a new phone for you..
Me: Specifications are mine though
Hubby: Fine, but don't bother about the cost. (All he wants is a gadget to play with here)
Me: So looks like you are done playing with BB and now that you need another to set up.

So hubby orders the phone and supposed to arrive on thursday. A day late it says online. Friday it is. And that morning: (in SMS)

Me: Need to go out today evening with the kids.  Can you come in early?
Hubby : No reply
Resend SMS thinking he has not received..
Hubby: Wait but the phone is arriving today.
Me: So???
Hubby : Need to set it up
Me: I can do it myself
Hubby: No but i need to make it easy for you...

Girl Friend Boy friend

The other day i was standing in front of the mirror and taking  a look at the amount of white hair that have sprouted offlate. Told myself, I am getting older no doubt but still so many ... when the below conversation happens in the other room

5 year old : Do you know who is my girl friend?
7 Year old : Not sure ...

5 Year old: P
7 year old: What about C, S etc??

5 Year old: Only P now...
7 year old : Atleast you have a girl friend da. good


7 year old: You know what I am going to call A for my birthday this time. A is my good friend and he is a boy...

Note: P, C, S, A are their classmates at school.

I am all serious about how the kids 7 and 5 are running on 13. The dad has a hearty laugh and mocks the ignorant mom.