Friday, November 9, 2012

Girl Friend Boy friend

The other day i was standing in front of the mirror and taking  a look at the amount of white hair that have sprouted offlate. Told myself, I am getting older no doubt but still so many ... when the below conversation happens in the other room

5 year old : Do you know who is my girl friend?
7 Year old : Not sure ...

5 Year old: P
7 year old: What about C, S etc??

5 Year old: Only P now...
7 year old : Atleast you have a girl friend da. good


7 year old: You know what I am going to call A for my birthday this time. A is my good friend and he is a boy...

Note: P, C, S, A are their classmates at school.

I am all serious about how the kids 7 and 5 are running on 13. The dad has a hearty laugh and mocks the ignorant mom.


  1. Are they really 7 and 5 :)

  2. Welcome here LF. Yes they are the naughty 7 & 5.

  3. Came over from momofrs.. and this is seriously hilarious. My fav part.. Only P 'now'. Ha ha.


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