Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Little Bits

We have a neighbour whose grand kid goes to a boarding school. He was Little's good friend and used to be called Anna (meaning brother). The guys played cricket with all sorts of things. Little loved playing anna's video games, all he would look for is pressing the keys and see something happen.
Anna disappeared one day to a boarding school and Little had a lot of questions. We told him what a boarding school meant and how the parents were not always allowed there and kids did things independently.
Now Tiny uses this to scare the little fellow when he tries to snatch things from her. The conversation goes like this:
Tiny: If you do like this, amma will send you to boarding school
Little: Quiet for sometime.
Tiny: There will be no appa, no amma and myself. You have to be alone there.
Little: No problem, Anna stays there.
Tiny:(comes running)Amma he wants to go to a boarding school. Why don't you take him there?