Thursday, January 31, 2008

Who Me? Yes you !! Could'nt Be

These were the days when Tiny was a little over a year or so. She used to be watched by her grandparents, paternal and maternal making trips one after the other. She had a great time through out the day but used to wait for us to get back home. One should watch the excitement on her face when she sees either of us coming back from work. The moment i opened the door and entered in, she would drag my laptop bag and take it to the living room making an announcement "Amma vandha" (mom is here). Coming home was a ritual to see her happy smiling face.
Couple of days back, i heard Tiny telling her Appa(dad) not to pretend. I thought she must have just picked it up somewhere and she would hardly know the meaning of it. When we drop or pick Tiny from school, she addresses us as Mommy/daddy in the midst of all her friends. I was a little surprised. Once i just chided her while making her wear her jacket, as to what was the reason behind calling amma at home and mommy in school. She murmurs in my ears "I am just pretending amma". As it is i do not mind to be called amma or mommy by her but was curious to know her reasoning behind it.
So finally who was the pretending queen here, i wondered to myself. I remember playing the game Who me? Yes you ... in our short break/intervals at school, and now am into practically playing this with my daughter....

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The reality hits

This is with regards to archana's blog on Taare Zameen Par. Well she saw the movie and made her point. I have not seen the movie yet and not sure whether i will. You must be wondering why i am saying this. I saw the 2 videos she had posted and it gave me a real hit back. Hostel life must be fun and everything. There will be a few days of missing home and parents and then things go on. Same for the parents, they know they will see their kids again back soon. Yet Still, i felt it might be tough to watch this movie without the eyes getting moist.
Attached to this was an incident a little early in life. This was when my mom in law told me that she used to never go to the hostel not even once in all the 4-5 years to visit her son. I wondered why would a mom not go to meet her son often. Little did i have the guts to ask her. I just left it at there. Now i did get an answer to that question. Well I can say it gets tough for the mother....