Thursday, November 3, 2011

Convo between Tiny & Little

I am with the kids who talk more and study less. Especially getting their homework done is a big deal, forget studies, that happens only once in a blue moon.
Tiny is going to be 7 and Little is 4.5 years.

Little: O is for Oxygen, he meant to say Ostrich
Tiny: You mad, O is for Olympiad
Me: Tiny, How can he understand what olympiad is? You should point to an object and tell him starting with O.
Tiny: But amma, how does he know oxygen when he does not even see it.
Me: (Does she know where oxygen is? so checking)So where is oxygen Tiny??
Tiny: In the air...

Me: wondering where she gathered this chemistry from ;))

Edited to Add:

Many of my pregnant friends that Little has noticed with a bulging tummy. He asked me a couple of times and understood that when babies are made in mommy's stomach it bulges out. So this morning giving him a bath, he stood protruding his tummy out (kind of convex shaped) to which i asked him:

Me: Do you have a baby in? Why are you standing like that??
Him: No Baby. Only Tiny will have a baby..... before i could digest that he says after she grows big.