Tuesday, February 25, 2014


 I  find it hard to understand why I never tried to run any marathon ever before in my life. But as they say "Better late then never..", I did it. I brisk walked the Nitte Meenakshi 5k (December 2nd 2013)  and the Pinkathon 3k (23 Feb 2014 kiddie one at that). Yay feeling happy that something which i wanted to do atleast once in my life got accomplished.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Difference between Below and Under

We (myself and kids) went to the Lego 3D movie yesterday. Right before the movie started there were a set of ads been shown, one of them was Poshak a popular bridal wear store in Jaipur, i believe.

Tiny: Amma... Jaipur !!!
The only thing that made her react that way was because she visited Jaipur and the memories are fresh in her mind.
Little: (was eager for the movie to start and impatient at seeing the ads coming one after another)
So what, Keep quiet.

All the people turned behind to take a look at the boisterous fella and gave a laugh


Saw a dog sleeping below the car this morning and made a casual comment:

Little: Amma, not below, remember prepositions, you should say under.
Amma shuts her mouth for that moment but later on checks the web to find that little guy was right...

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Memory Power !!!

Little who is in first standard was reading his computer textbook. They are learning MS Paint. I was just being around helping him go thru stuff. There was a sentence in the book which said:

MS stands for Microsoft

Little: oh, that guy whose name starts from S, who is from Hyderabad, we saw in the news paper last week....
Wait, i will tell you, he is Satya Nadella.....
Did he do MS paint?

Me:  He did much more then that, but you can go ahead and finish this chapter.... ;)

A day in Singapore Komala Vilas restaurant, we spotted a family from our apartment complex and even before that
Tiny:  Amma, that aunty stays in our complex only, i have seen her.
Me: Come on, (did not believe her) , the lady smiles at me and i smile back, we talk and find out that they do stay in our apt complex.
Tiny: See i told you...

Add a year later..

Tiny finds the same lady dropping her kids to the bus stop while i was dropping mine...
Tiny : Amma turn back, see that same aunty in Singapore we met....
Me: Perfect Tiny, you remember faces very well...

She has certainly gone on her dad in this....i tell myself sadly...

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Me: Tiny, you need to finish this this and this before you go to play..... (w.r.t her test and homework)
Tiny: Amma, can you give me freedom
LOL my little girl already talks about her freedom...

Monday, February 3, 2014

Mom's mood expressed as a poem

I was frowning on a sunday morning with the things that needs to be completed by the end of the day. These were things if escaped from would come back as little monsters and haunt during the week. So my face had a frown. The little guy who came from bath and trying to wear his tshirt looks at my face and says:

charlie chaplin went to a town to see amma with a frown

While revising for a test, I ask Little:
Me: Tell me 2 examples of Beverages?
Little:  Coffee hmmmm Wine
Me: Rolling eyes, what???

The answer was coffee and tea (they were studying a chapter called Plants around us in EVS).  This guy already set for teenage, is going to hit me real hard...

Me: (Next question) Ok, tell me how many colors are there in a rainbow and what are they?
Little: There are 7 colors and i do not need the spellings. I will take out my crayon box and copy from there..
Me: Faints....

Me: (gets back) Why is earth called a Blue planet?
Little: Because water covers most part of the earth in the form of oceans.
Me: Why only oceans, whereas the book says lakes, rivers, seas and oceans?
Little: Finally everything goes to the ocean right, so i will just mention that one...

I have a list of things to talk to his mam when i meet her every month one of the saturdays. I put it in a memo app in the android phone, so that i do not forget the points. The Little guy meddles with the phone and deletes the memo items which he thinks is inappropriate. I have not seen him doing that. I head to the school and meet the mam and open up the memo item to just see what all i need to discuss. To my horror:

The whole memo is wiped off and it reads:
"Sumana is shouting at me sometimes..."
Wonder what he is upto....

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wild Animals

The little fella had a test the other day about Wild Animals. When we were revising, i asked him to write a few examples of wild animals. Guess what appears on the list first:::

My name ;)

Kids these days....


The kids address their dad "Hey Dude are you coming early today???" The dad says "Sorry am not your dude, but your dad..."


We need to reason out everything these days....

Me: Tiny has no school today. But you do. So lets go for bath.

Little already upset with the unfairness of holidays at his sister's and his school

Little: Tell me, why i should always listen to you????

Me left thinking....


We were at Amber fort in Jaipur. We climbed up the fort entrance on an elephant. After seeing the fort we got out throught the wrong exit which was called Fateh Pol. We had to get back to the right one (Suraj Pol). Climbing high and low we were tired.

Little: Amma please call the elephants, my leg is pain. I will wait here.

As though i am some elephant owner and i can order them just like that.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Drawing a comparision

There have been many days in the 1st grade for Little where he has to argue about everything on earth. I get tired coaxing the 2 kiddos to study, participate in sports, culturals etc... The conversation picks up like this.

Tiny is studying and needs attention when she has doubts. Little does his homework and gets out of the room. I call him to atleast go through what his teacher would have done for the day. 

Little: Not today amma, i am tired... (a big drama king)
Me: How long does it take to revise the things? Atleast can you do the cursive writing???
Little: whining and sulking .. Nooooooo
Me:  (Would not like to compare kids but he kind of tests my patience) You know Little, your cousin does all the reading/studying once his mom tells him to. Aunty does not need to yell at him at all. You make me scream all the time.
Little: Amma, that is him and i am not like that... (kind of goes to say each person is different)
Me: this from a first grader.....

When he sees some new gadgets / toys with his friends and demands to buy the same, i try to negotiate saying what is the need to buy it? Does it really help you or you want to buy it because your friend has one? I also remind him that toys that are brought out of the #not really needed but my friends have it# buys generally end up in the unused lot in less than a days time and the pile is growing at home.  So i coax him telling that may be your friend sees a need and that Little does not. Each person has different needs etc, so there you go that same dialogue comes back to me .....

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Friendship Day

First of all though delayed, Happy Friendship to all my friends and visitors to this blog. Never heard of any such days while I was at school, but it is pretty much in vogue right now when my kids are schooling. Tiny and Little went to school that day without any friendship bands. Neither did they ask me nor did i bother to ask.  At the end of the day, Tiny had almost 5 in each hand a few from school friends and few from the apartment complex where we stay. Little did not have any.
  The little guy was totally upset. Then he throws his tantrums
Tiny: Amma, i need to return the friendship bands tommorrow. Can we go buy??
Little: No Amma, never, you are not buying....
Tiny : Hey if you do not have friends that does not mean, i don't
Little is in tears by now
Little : Then buy me also
Me: Ok come lets go buy
Little: But i don't want to buy (in  a dilemma whether to give his friends or not). Nobody gave me one.
Me: May be they do not celebrate in your school da
Little: No Amma, L tied to 2 other boys and I saw R getting from others....
Me: It is ok, you can buy a couple and give it.
Little: No Amma they are not my true friends...
(in tears)
Tiny: Ye ye Little does not have any friends .....makes him more irritated...

Monday, July 15, 2013

Random Updates

Everyday there are some left overs after getting back from school. So the conversation goes like this:
Me: Tiny, Little, Please finish the food in the lunch box. You know i do wake up early and pack your food and you get it back. It feels bad
Tiny: Ok amma, I will try
Little: If you keep what i like, then i can empty it, otherwise i will get it back....
Me thinking.... What kind of a kid did i give birth to???

We had been to a wedding reception last night. The stage was thoroughly decorated started off with a salsa dance and what not. The banner on the stage read "Forever Together". Tiny all of 8 questions why they have have that written. I told her that the husband and wife (now the girl and boy) live together after marriage. After we returned home she had a few more questions on the same topic of marriage. In the night while we are on the bed lying and just talking away
 Tiny: Amma when will they start living together? Today or tommorrow??? ================================

Hubby says that he needs to go to Sydney on work for a couple of weeks. Tiny who is clearly a daddy's girl is already making a sad face and has a few questions...
Tiny: Appa, when you going? How long? Why are you going?
Little: Appa what will you get for me???
 Another couple of days later,
Hubby announces Kiddo's am not going right now but later...
 Now it is turn for the Little guy to put on a sulky face. Ask him why??
 Little: Can you go to Sydney, get a boomerang and be back soon??? You promised me one and this is cheating....

 The Little has taken a huge pleasure in doing Origami stuff. He loves making us do the origami stuff watching youtube. And when it does not come out right, be prepared for the yelling session.

 Tiny has taken a huge obsession to make up looks like. We are in Sephora shop in Kuala Lumpur. I was just looking around waiting on the hubby who had gone to look for something. Kids were with me. Little declares that this is a lady's shop and that he is not a girl. Tiny is not to be seen for quite sometime and i go searching from one end to the other. I catch her trying out all the testers be it lipstick, nail polish, lip gloss, eye shadow and the cheek blush. I look at her, she looks like she is part of some drama troupe and she has done it flawlessly...

Untill last year when Little was in Kindergarten he did not want girls sitting around him. His reason was they purposely shake benches when he is writing or taking notes. And he always complained of the girl T. Now in the 1st standard, the girl also chose the same second language as Little and happens to be in the same section. One day i found in his a swan made with one sheet torn from a note book.
 Me:Why do you tear notebooks to do Origami and that too in the class hours?
 Little: Amma, don't touch that, T gave that to me. She has asked me to keep it in my bag always