Thursday, August 25, 2011

Six Year old says

These days there has been a lot of times that I gasp at what the kids say. I ask myself how they understand or learnt this or what made them tell this to me.

It was one of the monthly test times. We were revising a Hindi lesson bulbul ke bachhe (nightingale's kids). It is about how 2 kids who see a nest in their backyard one day with four eggs in it. A few days later they hatch, then learn to hop and fall down. Mother bird feeds them long worms that she gets in her beak and then they grow and one day fly away. We are doing the Questions and Answers from this lesson...

This was our convo:
Me: Why did the kids feel bad at the end?(in hindi)
Actual answer is: Kids saw an empty nest and felt really bad that the little birds had learnt to fly and flew away.
Tiny: Amma, the kids loved the birds so much that they wanted to get married to them.

Another Situation

Myself and kids visit my parents place during the weekend. Most of the times hubby drops us down near the gate and leaves either he has something pending to be done or he is on a call or something unintentional came up.

Little: Amma, Why does Appa not come to Paati's (grandmom's) house?
Myself: He has some work baby, so he will come later.
Still not convinced..
Little: Does he not like thatha paati (grand dad and grand mom)?
LOL, why do they arrive at such conclusions???

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fancy Dress Competition and Little Tiny Bits

I only have a little of unclear image of how i had taken part in a fancy dress competition wearing mom's saree tied in a typical south indian style (guess they call it madisar). This was way long long back may be in my kindergarten years. But forward it to now, Little has a fancy dress competition at school and he is so so excited about it. The school says that we are not supposed to rent any costumes and no dialogues would be allowed. Here goes our conversation:
Me: Little what would you like to be?
Little: I will be Mickey Mouse.
Me: Ok
Little: (an hour later)I will be Laxman. (showing off his bow and arrow the plastic kinds)
Me: Ok
Another hour later
Little: Amma Can i be Chota Bheem?
Me: Ok
Tiny tells him that he acts like a monkey and so he has to be Hanuman and not anything else.
Little: Amma, I want to be Hanuman,I like to have a tail behind.
Me: Tell me one thing Little that you would like to be,so I can get prepared to dress you up.

I had a release at work and thus was coming home late for a week or so. Grandparents are home to take care of them.But grandparents love watching the soaps on TV and evenings are their time to relax in front of the TV.
Tiny: Amma, you have also become like Appa. You come late evryday
Me: Had work to complete and if i do not get it done, my manager like your mam will take me to task.
Little: But you should come home early.
Me: Ok. But you could have gone down and played with your friends from 5-7pm right??
Little: This thatha (grand father) does not take me down at all. He always watches TV. He has got specs (meaning spectacles) that is why.
Me: Shocked, can you say like this to your grandparents??
Tiny: So when are you leaving your job? You always tell but never do..
Mother in me runs to the kids and the career woman in me is thrown out of myself.

Convo between me and Little
Little loves his friend let us call him L. He sits next to him on the bus and L gets him a chocolate when he gets an extra. Not sure what all this sharing is about, but they have become good friends.
Little boards the bus, i bid him bye and move to my bus stop. Everyday is the same and the third day he asks me:
Little: Amma, you should say by to L as well today. Why don't you say Bye to him??
Me: Sure Why not? Who else are your friends?
Little:(names another friend) A
Me: Ok so do you have any girl friends (becos he named only boys)
Little: Yes, Her name is Shurpanaka...She scares us all and I box her sometimes.

Not believing that anyone would have a name like this, I figured out, she must be an Ayamma who might have mentioned her name as Shurpanaka. Just to scare the kids when they do mischief.