Thursday, August 25, 2011

Six Year old says

These days there has been a lot of times that I gasp at what the kids say. I ask myself how they understand or learnt this or what made them tell this to me.

It was one of the monthly test times. We were revising a Hindi lesson bulbul ke bachhe (nightingale's kids). It is about how 2 kids who see a nest in their backyard one day with four eggs in it. A few days later they hatch, then learn to hop and fall down. Mother bird feeds them long worms that she gets in her beak and then they grow and one day fly away. We are doing the Questions and Answers from this lesson...

This was our convo:
Me: Why did the kids feel bad at the end?(in hindi)
Actual answer is: Kids saw an empty nest and felt really bad that the little birds had learnt to fly and flew away.
Tiny: Amma, the kids loved the birds so much that they wanted to get married to them.

Another Situation

Myself and kids visit my parents place during the weekend. Most of the times hubby drops us down near the gate and leaves either he has something pending to be done or he is on a call or something unintentional came up.

Little: Amma, Why does Appa not come to Paati's (grandmom's) house?
Myself: He has some work baby, so he will come later.
Still not convinced..
Little: Does he not like thatha paati (grand dad and grand mom)?
LOL, why do they arrive at such conclusions???


  1. Ha ha ha, it does seem like your husband doesn't want to meet his in-laws :)) Perceptive!!

  2. have such good imaginations

  3. Wow getting married to the birds ..utterly sweet :) I know even i get a feeling that 6 has been a big age in our household as well.

  4. How sweet and innocent! And so cute - does he not like paati thatha? Looks like he is going to stir up a family controversy! :0)


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