Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Object of my Affection

Thanks Joy for tagging me this time. This is one such tag, which gets a lot of ideas to the silly mind. Though it was all composed long before, it just took this long to come out.
The object of my affection is our car. She was hubby's first and was taken care off like a princess. I took my driving lessons with her. She accompanied me to interviews when i was jobless. She took me to work and back home. Be it the rainy, windy, snowy chicago she withstood them all. Every doctor visit be it ultrasound or just checkup was with her. She kept telling me all will be well. She took the pride of getting our first baby home. She with utmost happiness gave her princess crown to the little new comer then. She took her to the best of places and gave her the best of times to see the little giggle and smile on her face. She with all smiles brought the second baby home and tried to calm the quarrels. She meant so much more and today when attaching a price tag to her i felt bad. She is priceless and our very first princess. She is changing owners today and i just wish her luck....Here she is with pride

She is just going to be eight years old this september and her achievements are huge.
And now i tag a few more to express their affections and that will be :
Akshatha Kamath,
Poppins mom,
and anybody who likes to do one.