Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Krishna Janmashtami

This was on the occasion of Janmashtami that happened over the last weekend. We had the Pooja on saturday and Krishna Arathi, Haldi Kumkum customs on sunday. While i was dressing up for the same:

Tiny: Amma these bangles look really good. Whose are they? (she has not seen me wearing them earlier.)
Me:  It is Paati's (grand mom's) but I am wearing them today.
Tiny : When will you give this to me?
Me: When you grow big, Paati will give you..
Tiny: During my marriage????
Little: No when you have a baby
Tiny: I don't want to become a fattyso.. (Not sure whether such a word exists)
Little: Well, you can have a thin baby like how i am .. Look

What do you call such brats having convo like this at the age of 7 & 5? I am still wondering as to where the source to all this information lies???

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Little and his Talks

The weekends are crazy in our household. So crazy that the weekdays are better sometimes. People just want to rest including the kids and in order to achieve that, they need to get todo things off the way. One such weekend, after all the late night calls during the week, i thought of getting the kids done with their revision for the weekly tests and relax after which. Little drove me wild angry while in the midst of revisions so much that :

Me: I just hate kids when they do not listen to their moms at home, neither understand what is told by their mam in school..
Little: I too hate moms who yell
Me : Haan  (All this at 5 years 3 months..)

Another example of how the little fellow drives me crazy
I hid his Mc Queen car since he was behaving real bad that day. He got angry and scribbled over a newly bought activity book knowing that this will cause me more anger.
Me: Wait you will not get your Mc Queen back anyways
Little: You hid my car no, so i will do this.
Me: All silent thinking of what to do next.
Little : Remember Amma, what you do comes back to you.
Me: My goodness, where did you learn this Little? Did you hear anyone talking?
Little: I am just telling you from my mind.

I am just hoping to go to the Himalayas soon enough then thought. this kid is just impossible to parent.
Another day, Tiny and Little and myself were hanging around...

Tiny: Amma today they were telling us about donating our body parts after we die. (in school that is). So when i die amma, i will give my eyes.

Me: Yes we should all do that.

Little: Amma, I am going to donate my mouth...

Swallowing my own saliva, i thought who in this world is wanting his mouth. May God bless them.

Little who was mostly indoors when i came back from work had to be pushed out to go play with his friends, this upto age 5. I was thinking to myself about how i need to raise this introvert guy. How i need to coax him to get out of the house and make and be friends. For a week we had off at work as part of company shutdown world wide. I was home and slept, ate and played with him. Those days i took him out at 4.30pm and we returned back only at 7pm. He had a ball with his friends and i with my friends chit chatting walking etc. That was it, now we are back to routine and he is out of the house by 4pm on most days. He calls out to his grand mom:

Little: Paati (grandmom in tamil), give me milk
Drinks in a second superfast....and goes down.

He has been going to a friend's house say A for a week to play in A's house and sometimes down in the apartment complex to play cricket. I was more then happy to see this change in him and never questioned him. A week later he refused to go to A's house. He clearly told him on the phone that i am not coming. I then questioned him why he was rude and did not want to go to A's house.

Little: Amma, why should i always go to A's house? Can he not come here to play with me?
Me: Sure he can come, but did you call him home?
Little: No Amma.
Me: Why did you assume he will not come over to play?
My friend A's mom calls up to say that she will be sending him from the next day to our house to play.
Little agreed to which. I wonder how kids of this age whose main intention would be play play and more get to matters like the  above.