Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Krishna Janmashtami

This was on the occasion of Janmashtami that happened over the last weekend. We had the Pooja on saturday and Krishna Arathi, Haldi Kumkum customs on sunday. While i was dressing up for the same:

Tiny: Amma these bangles look really good. Whose are they? (she has not seen me wearing them earlier.)
Me:  It is Paati's (grand mom's) but I am wearing them today.
Tiny : When will you give this to me?
Me: When you grow big, Paati will give you..
Tiny: During my marriage????
Little: No when you have a baby
Tiny: I don't want to become a fattyso.. (Not sure whether such a word exists)
Little: Well, you can have a thin baby like how i am .. Look

What do you call such brats having convo like this at the age of 7 & 5? I am still wondering as to where the source to all this information lies???


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