Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Friendship Day

First of all though delayed, Happy Friendship to all my friends and visitors to this blog. Never heard of any such days while I was at school, but it is pretty much in vogue right now when my kids are schooling. Tiny and Little went to school that day without any friendship bands. Neither did they ask me nor did i bother to ask.  At the end of the day, Tiny had almost 5 in each hand a few from school friends and few from the apartment complex where we stay. Little did not have any.
  The little guy was totally upset. Then he throws his tantrums
Tiny: Amma, i need to return the friendship bands tommorrow. Can we go buy??
Little: No Amma, never, you are not buying....
Tiny : Hey if you do not have friends that does not mean, i don't
Little is in tears by now
Little : Then buy me also
Me: Ok come lets go buy
Little: But i don't want to buy (in  a dilemma whether to give his friends or not). Nobody gave me one.
Me: May be they do not celebrate in your school da
Little: No Amma, L tied to 2 other boys and I saw R getting from others....
Me: It is ok, you can buy a couple and give it.
Little: No Amma they are not my true friends...
(in tears)
Tiny: Ye ye Little does not have any friends .....makes him more irritated...

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