Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Drawing a comparision

There have been many days in the 1st grade for Little where he has to argue about everything on earth. I get tired coaxing the 2 kiddos to study, participate in sports, culturals etc... The conversation picks up like this.

Tiny is studying and needs attention when she has doubts. Little does his homework and gets out of the room. I call him to atleast go through what his teacher would have done for the day. 

Little: Not today amma, i am tired... (a big drama king)
Me: How long does it take to revise the things? Atleast can you do the cursive writing???
Little: whining and sulking .. Nooooooo
Me:  (Would not like to compare kids but he kind of tests my patience) You know Little, your cousin does all the reading/studying once his mom tells him to. Aunty does not need to yell at him at all. You make me scream all the time.
Little: Amma, that is him and i am not like that... (kind of goes to say each person is different)
Me: this from a first grader.....

When he sees some new gadgets / toys with his friends and demands to buy the same, i try to negotiate saying what is the need to buy it? Does it really help you or you want to buy it because your friend has one? I also remind him that toys that are brought out of the #not really needed but my friends have it# buys generally end up in the unused lot in less than a days time and the pile is growing at home.  So i coax him telling that may be your friend sees a need and that Little does not. Each person has different needs etc, so there you go that same dialogue comes back to me .....

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