Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wild Animals

The little fella had a test the other day about Wild Animals. When we were revising, i asked him to write a few examples of wild animals. Guess what appears on the list first:::

My name ;)

Kids these days....


The kids address their dad "Hey Dude are you coming early today???" The dad says "Sorry am not your dude, but your dad..."


We need to reason out everything these days....

Me: Tiny has no school today. But you do. So lets go for bath.

Little already upset with the unfairness of holidays at his sister's and his school

Little: Tell me, why i should always listen to you????

Me left thinking....


We were at Amber fort in Jaipur. We climbed up the fort entrance on an elephant. After seeing the fort we got out throught the wrong exit which was called Fateh Pol. We had to get back to the right one (Suraj Pol). Climbing high and low we were tired.

Little: Amma please call the elephants, my leg is pain. I will wait here.

As though i am some elephant owner and i can order them just like that.


  1. I was ROFLing reading both the incidents. Too funny!

  2. @~nm: Glad you had fun. How are your kiddos doing?

  3. Lol. Cute kids. If Little says it, you are certainly the elephant owner. :D


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