Monday, February 3, 2014

Mom's mood expressed as a poem

I was frowning on a sunday morning with the things that needs to be completed by the end of the day. These were things if escaped from would come back as little monsters and haunt during the week. So my face had a frown. The little guy who came from bath and trying to wear his tshirt looks at my face and says:

charlie chaplin went to a town to see amma with a frown

While revising for a test, I ask Little:
Me: Tell me 2 examples of Beverages?
Little:  Coffee hmmmm Wine
Me: Rolling eyes, what???

The answer was coffee and tea (they were studying a chapter called Plants around us in EVS).  This guy already set for teenage, is going to hit me real hard...

Me: (Next question) Ok, tell me how many colors are there in a rainbow and what are they?
Little: There are 7 colors and i do not need the spellings. I will take out my crayon box and copy from there..
Me: Faints....

Me: (gets back) Why is earth called a Blue planet?
Little: Because water covers most part of the earth in the form of oceans.
Me: Why only oceans, whereas the book says lakes, rivers, seas and oceans?
Little: Finally everything goes to the ocean right, so i will just mention that one...

I have a list of things to talk to his mam when i meet her every month one of the saturdays. I put it in a memo app in the android phone, so that i do not forget the points. The Little guy meddles with the phone and deletes the memo items which he thinks is inappropriate. I have not seen him doing that. I head to the school and meet the mam and open up the memo item to just see what all i need to discuss. To my horror:

The whole memo is wiped off and it reads:
"Sumana is shouting at me sometimes..."
Wonder what he is upto....


  1. So sweet.. coffee and wine hahah :D I watched a video of
    Tata AiA and you will definitely love it.. this is the one.. check it out -


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