Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The reality hits

This is with regards to archana's blog on Taare Zameen Par. Well she saw the movie and made her point. I have not seen the movie yet and not sure whether i will. You must be wondering why i am saying this. I saw the 2 videos she had posted and it gave me a real hit back. Hostel life must be fun and everything. There will be a few days of missing home and parents and then things go on. Same for the parents, they know they will see their kids again back soon. Yet Still, i felt it might be tough to watch this movie without the eyes getting moist.
Attached to this was an incident a little early in life. This was when my mom in law told me that she used to never go to the hostel not even once in all the 4-5 years to visit her son. I wondered why would a mom not go to meet her son often. Little did i have the guts to ask her. I just left it at there. Now i did get an answer to that question. Well I can say it gets tough for the mother....


  1. TZP !!Hmmmm
    I was very sad too ..
    Most parents in India are in denial when teachers come up with terms like ADD, ADHD or Dyslexia...

    Doesn't help at all!!

  2. I read this post yday.. but cudnt make up my mind on the comment. Then I came back today, and I read the previous comment, I kinda knew that this movie dealt with some such issue, haven't seen the movie yet!!
    Parents in India don't know ADD.. they want perfect kids and any imperfection is masked in hypocrisy...
    As for Boarding school.. I feel it might be an enriching experience for some... Having said that it probably needs a lot of preparing of the child and assurance that the parents still love him/her and the lack of love is not the reason to send a child to boarding school...

  3. @dd:agree with ya
    @preethi: It must be definitely enriching and good. I longed to go to for one at that age. Sending kids to a hostel definitely does not define the love parents have to offer their kids. But the momentary emotional pangs that the mom and son had to exhibhit in the song snapshot was worth describing everything.

  4. hmm teh only thing i had reservations was when the boarding school idea was mooted as a punishment for not being good ...that was sad...cos for some a boarding school is the only way their kids can get a decent education and most kids likeit and come out more confident!!...

    but totally agree with preethi's point!!!

  5. still, avoiding meeting because of tears? though i understand it, i wouldnt be able to do it!

  6. @TA: Understand your point, but it might get pretty rough handling kids of that kind right. I am sure god gives such parents extra strength to behold such kids.

    @Vinesh:Ya true Vinesh, father in law used to keep visiting the son in hostel often.

  7. Pls don't miss TZP. Its the best movie I have watched. I am sure you'd love it too :o)


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