Friday, November 9, 2012

Gadgets and Hubby

Hubby loves playing with new gadgets installing them, setting it up and anything of that sort. My 9 month old LG phone lost its touch. Blame it on the kids this time. Hubby is more then happy to hear this from me. So the conversation goes here:
Hubby: This is the second time he is buying me a phone and so he goes, alright I will buy a new phone for you..
Me: Specifications are mine though
Hubby: Fine, but don't bother about the cost. (All he wants is a gadget to play with here)
Me: So looks like you are done playing with BB and now that you need another to set up.

So hubby orders the phone and supposed to arrive on thursday. A day late it says online. Friday it is. And that morning: (in SMS)

Me: Need to go out today evening with the kids.  Can you come in early?
Hubby : No reply
Resend SMS thinking he has not received..
Hubby: Wait but the phone is arriving today.
Me: So???
Hubby : Need to set it up
Me: I can do it myself
Hubby: No but i need to make it easy for you...


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