Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I wonder if i was a little crazy in not accepting this realistic proverb. There were days when i was in my teens and even untill a few years back, i had a great liking for songs of the current era. I still like music from 80's, 90's. But when it goes back to 60's and 70's, no i would not. I remember parents hearing to vivid bharathi on AIR in the noon and evenings to the golden music of their age. Probably i have switched it off many times, rather then give my ear to it.
Lately after a hectic week at work and home, i was driving to work on a friday. I just picked a cassette from the holder in the car while concentrating on the road. This was lying here untouched for eras i guess. It started playing.. Dil Dhoondhtha hain phir wohi .. from Mausam. I just enjoyed the song and the drive thoroughly.

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  1. Its a wonderful song..could be heard any number of times..transports us in time


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