Saturday, December 22, 2007

Why has it to be tough again???

These days i am with a heavy mind. Not able to sit down and blog. I have become restless. We plan to R2I and one of the biggest hurdles i felt in the process was job search. All over again. I know it is not tough, but at times it is mind boggling. It gives one the same frustration as a ever pending greencard process does.
Memories come back of those days when you are a fresher off the boat from a reputed engg college. Though we had campus recruitment in our college, just computer science and Electronics branches were benefitting from this. So we still had to apply apply and get no reply. Finally we started to go to a few software companies in Bangalore to physically hand out resumes as our seniors thought that was a way out. And it really happened with me, a new company called me for an interview and gave me a job as a fresher to start with. I wish a miracle happens again.
Now the next dilemma. Inside me there are 2 minds. One says any job should be good as long as it keeps me busy through out the day and i get to spend the rest with my kids. The other mind says that no such job exists and in that case it is better to be home. The fear is that all companies mainly work for US clients and most of them have timings of 1pm-10pm. Imagine both mom and dad coming home at 11pm.
Oh wow the fun of life is its uncertainty. Let's see how it gets along. I wish Santa does miracles to the big guys too.. Won't you Santa??
Wish you all a happy Holiday Season and a wonderful 2008...


  1. I hope santa grants you your wishes. May the new year make your wishes come true.
    Best wishes

  2. Oh my.. hope santa does help you out!! Changing jobs anywhere can be quite stressful... moving across the world is much worse!! Good luck with everything!

  3. Good luck with your job search. I am sure you would land up with something really good.

  4. life is like that and only because it is so that it is called life.there are bound to be ups and downs.Cheer up the New year is bound to spring a surprise.Santa cares for mommies too.

  5. A happy new year to you and your family.

  6. first timer here ..everything will be fine.just take it in is full of oppurtunities and most important pleasant surprises !!

    Wish You A Happy New Year


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