Wednesday, October 12, 2011

School Season starts and the drama unfolds

So it was a short 15 day vacation for the kids. We did the most of it or atleast I think. We went on 4 day trips to Coorg and Pondicherry. Did a lot of sight seeing and looking around. Stayed in resorts, had fun swimming, playing at the beach, visited a wildlife sanctuary, birthplace of river Kaveri etc. Today kids are back at school. Yesterday night I had to cut their nails, one thing is that the schools follow strict discipline in this aspect and second is that the nails were real shabby what with all the painting and coloring done in the holidays. There is a lot of resistance to this activity, so much that, I just have to hold each one tight and cut the nails. Seriously a big effort. I somehow got Tiny's nails cut. Now it was the turn of the little guy. After lot of fuss we got the finger nails cut. He was not in for the toes. Here goes the conversation between myself and him:
Me: Mam will check your nails tomorrow and if you do not cut it, she might check you out of the class.
Little: That is why I have cut my finger nails no..
Me: How about toe nails????
Little: To check my toe nails she will have to remove my shoes/socks and tie it back as well. So she will not do that.
This boy all of 4.5 has grown so arrogant, I run short of where to start.


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  2. Good point! I remembr the nail saga, I would hurriedly bite off my nails while the P.E teacher checked the other kids hands!


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