Friday, October 21, 2011

Passport to a healthy Pregnancy

This is my first entry in the WW contest. I so love the topic. Thanks WW for giving me a chance. Here is my entry.

It was 3+ years that we were married and working and things were going ok. Hubby wanted to make a surprise trip to India to meet his parents. Little did he know that there was a surprise waiting on him. A week after he left to India, when my monthly cycle did not show up, I took a quick trip to the gynae. The gynae who was around 50's was a jovial and light hearted doc and had tonnes of desi patients coming to him. I was briefed about him by my desi friends. A day later the blood test results were out and Yes I was pregnant. All overjoyed, called the hubby who in turn promised to tell both sets of parents.
A week or two later, the gynae calls up to say that the detailed blood analysis reports are out. I would need to visit him urgently. After a little questioning from my side, he said that my thyroid levels have been low and i need to be on medication immediately, else i might miscarry. The moment i heard the dreaded word miscarry, i just told my team lead and left work. Doc had already ordered for the medication at the nearest walgreens pharmacy. He explained to me the consequences and i went to the pharmacy to pick up. There has never been a day that i forgot to take this medication during pregnancy along with the pre natal vitamins.
For one i noticed, the doc would give you all his time in the world for any questions on every check up. Curiousity sometimes drives one up the wall. I would google up to find answers and try and confirm with the doc on the next checkup. He realised this and the next checkup asked me "So what does the internet have to say?" I was taken aback but he was joking. He said never confuse yourself reading too much and never be ignorant either.
My first one was a small baby a 5+ pounder and when he got the baby out during delivery, he said "She is a peanut can i put her back in again??" Maan that was painful but he almost kept the whole process lively and going. The one thing i noticed was he was always available for me and mentioned to have trust in myself and the doc and everything would be fine. Again post delivery (1st and 2nd babies), I was low on breast milk and had to supplement it with formula. I wondered, why it is always me and i know my friends who had babies at the same time were able to fully nourish their kids without any formula and for almost close to a year. This is when i felt guilt struck and asked the doc. All he said, just respect your body for all it did and please do not blame yourself for it. Each body can process things differently so accept it.

Going back in time, i loved the whole process of pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. Delivery though was normal was pretty painful both the times just that one was long and the other was short but pain is pain and does not make a difference.So for me what worked out was finding the right gynae and trusting him/her and respecting one's body.


  1. Hi
    Nice post :)
    Even i didnt have enuf milk to go by for my lil baby but as your doc said we shouldnt feel guilty we did as much as we could , rest is upto the body !
    Happy parenting :)

  2. oh your doc absolutely sounds like mine :) on every visit she used to ask me so what else is in your question list /what else have you read this time? :D

    God bless these doctors!!!

  3. @Sirisha: Thanks. Welcome here.
    @Scribby: Welcome. I swear some docs really have the patience and calm for their profession.


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