Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tiny's Day Out

There are somethings which you would want to do and some which you know you are calling for trouble. But you still ought to do them. Same with my Tiny, she never budges. She likes to have fun her way her ishtyle. No matter what you say.
My parents were here with us to help us out with the second arrival. Little, our second one was just three months old. I decided to take my parents to downtown leaving Little & Tiny at daddy's day care. No not at all, Tiny gave a hard time and so had to take her along. She created a big ruckus all through our visit. Yes you got it, she made our trip memorable in a way. Thanks to the grand parents for coaxing her and getting her along, otherwise i was thinking i would leave her at Lake Michigan and return home. I am not a bad mom, but she loves the water......
We saw all that we could with a terrible two and a half year old. By the end of the day, my arms and legs were about to detach, when we boarded the train back home. As the wise say "Were it not for hope the heart would break", i had a little hope that she would sleep on the train. And lo my heart breaks, she does not sleep, but i was sleepy. She does not allow you to do that either. She starts a conversation with a lady behind us in our mother tongue. I knew both did not get each other and thus was a passive listener. The lady behind was eating her chips.
Tiny: You eating chips (in english)
Lady : Ya, Do you want some?
Tiny : No (in mother tongue)
Lady finishes her packet of chips...
Tiny turns to me and tries to yap off something. She turns back to the lady and says
"Wow you ate away all your chips???" (in mother tongue)
Good lord, we have been forcing her all day to eat and she does not react to it.

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  1. Hey this is really funny.Divya is one fun and happy child :)


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