Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Never Mind

All these days, we had been telling Tiny that Little is her younger brother and she should not hurt him. We were advising her as to how she should play with him, share her toys etc. The only time when I saw sprouts of J factor in her was when I played or hugged or sang a few rhymes for Little. Tiny did not heed to the advice much, but i saw she was trying to be good little by little. I thought to myself that we as adults show sparks of jealousy in our little day things at times.
I returned from work one day and got to know that Tiny behaved very well the whole day, used her potty, had her food and milk (our toughest goal to achieve for the day),did write her ABCD's and did not hurt her brother. Wow i said Tiny needs a big hug and applause. I gave her one. I played with her not acknowledging the Little guy on his vibrating chair. He watched for a minute or two and then screamed alarmingly. I lifted the little guy and was wondering what made him scream that loud. He was happy and laughed at his mom as he got his job done. Ah, he needed attention....I then told Tiny, Never Mind... as the world stands on Survival of the Fittest from day one.

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  1. wow, Tiny can already write ABCs !! Little guy pic on the right is cute :-)


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