Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tiny & News papers

Every day i tried to read the newspaper and also kept telling Tiny to do so when she started reading. Especially the block lettered headings. She enjoyed and used to come over to ask questions and meanings of words or the pronunciation. Needless to say i was happy. But today i curse myself. Ask me why, 
Tiny: Amma, Another rape in the city. What is that actually Amma??
Me: (Not sure whether a 8 year old needs to know the ABC of it.) It is a bad touch...
Tiny: So that comes in the newspapers everyday.

This all started after the Delhi Gang rape case. Luckily they  are taught in school about good and bad touches and i have kept advising her on the same. But any more questions around this it gets real tough to answer. A few years back we were left wondering how to tell the kids about an incident or how to make them aware of the societal happenings. But today they are reading the paper and come back with questions and all i have is to hold the tongue at a certain point.


  1. So true :( It is hard to discuss the brutal happenings! I read some moms' ideas on the topic told them that some men ganged up and hit a girl badly but all of them have been now caught by the police emphasizing that evil eventually fails. But then too you feel like you are cheating the kids :( Hope this somehow magically stops!

  2. Yes Neera, I have told her about brutal hurts and all, but they know how to get the right stuff out it seems. She keeps probing more and more and then i have sat with her and told her the whole story. I think kids are getting conscious of their surrounding and I am as well not able to rest in peace if she is not alert at all times.


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