Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tiny Tidbits

I was taking the kids to watch "Life of Pi". I had once gone with my colleagues and loved the movie. I thought kids might really admire and hence took them. On the way i was telling them the story briefly. This was mainly to avoid Little snapping every now and then in the movie to ask questions. I don't mind if i have seen the movie earlier but his talks get loud and disturb others as well.
  So after he heard the story from me, he asks:

Little: Amma, Is this a real story?
Me: May be, not sure
Tiny: No it is a fiction.
Me: So what is fiction Tiny?
Tiny: Don't you know? It is just the author's imagination....


  1. So how did you like the movie, I am planning to watch over this weekend.

    I like Tiny's response :)

  2. Tiny has it spot on :) Glad that the movie was good, I should see it soon.

  3. @LF, @Aparna: You should watch it, a nice movie.

  4. Tiny has it right, I must say! Such a smart kid. :)

  5. Life of Pi seems to be the talk of town. Did you enjoy the movie?

  6. @Sunita: Yes watched it twice. A little slow in between but otheriwse a nice movie. Kids enjoyed it too.


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