Monday, November 19, 2012

Tiny and her discovery

Tiny although little in structure thinks big when it comes to using smart phones any brand any make. These are below findings:

  1. She says, Amma, there are 3 ways to voice record using your phone. Where as i only know one single route and never bothered others.
  2. The girl knows to switch on Background data and visit Google Play store to download new games. 
  3. Opens up browser and uses the Voice recognition to search for Dora and others while helping her brother search for spider man and Hulk and watch you tube videos.  Imagine one day when i was just getting ready for work i hear "Hulk and Spider man fighting" many times being repeated in the same fashion. I went to see what was going on. Much annoyed i snatched the phone. I always wonder how i get a 400 rs more always in my bills. Now i know it. 
God bless me and help me save my kids from the early internet usage...


  1. lol! Thankfully I've given strict instructions to my betu ram to download only the "Free" apps :)

  2. LOL! The details that they know about these electronic gadgets is just amazing.

  3. Oh I can so relate myself and my daughter to this post. She started using the iPad the very same day we bought, she was only 2 years.

  4. @ ~nm : yes right thing to do. She downloads the free ones only, but the internet usage without any parental controls scare me.
    @mnamma : very true
    @LF : It is like they are born with these gadgets and have profound control on them.

  5. LOL...soo get this, I myself found out all the shortcuts on my phone thru my daughters;-P.

    Now it's only 400rs but just imagine as years pass....;-D

  6. Reflections welcome here. I dread those days.


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