Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Friendship day

Tiny Little Conversations

Tiny gets 3 friendship bands of which one was from our neighbour's daughter and the rest from her school friends. Little did not get any from his friends and so was asking Tiny for one. Tiny tried and pacified him in many ways. When things went out of control

Tiny: Little you know this is supposed to be tied to friends only. We should not tie it to brothers. Also you should be in 3rd standard (since she is in 3rd std) to tie this.
Another day we were heading off to Little's school for fancy dress competition. There was a huge cow standing in the middle of a small lane. It was to relieve its intestines of the food i suppose....

Tiny: Look amma, the cow is living babies...;)

Don't know what made her think babies...


  1. Ha ha ha..kids & their cute little nothings, i think one can never get bored of it.

  2. Very true. They have something to crack you to laughter.


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