Monday, July 11, 2011

Tiny Little Chats

Little loves robots and anything around it. His ears is all open for robot and transformers. He sees a robot statue built in Japan in the newspaper today (courtesy his dad pointed it out to him).

Takes the newpaper sheet and runs to Tiny...
Little: Tiny, Shall we go to Japan. See there is a robot there.
Tiny: Japan !!! no...
Little : Why?
Tiny : Why becos there earthquakes happen..

Another Day
Tiny not feeling too good and lying down.
I : Tiny, you are not feeling well? Why do you look tired???
Little: (Thud comes the reply) Amma may be Tiny has got Viral fever.
I: We should go to the Doc, I cannot see you lying like this.
Tiny: No Amma, I will be ok. I don't like going to the doc.
Little: Go ya nothing will happen. Don't be scared ok...

Another Day after School, Little comes home
Little : Go out and locks the room door.
Keeps saying go out to everyone.
I: Something is really wrong. Did mam tell you to go out of the class?
Little: No amma.. (in a kind of shy, scared look negating what he is thinking..)
I: let me know what happened, it is ok to go out once in a while ..
Little: (After lot of apprehension says)I hit someone and mam told me to go out.
Next Day, I called up the teacher to find out the real story..Mam said that he was talking in the class and that was why she told him that and literally did not send him out.

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  1. very cute ..and they have good GK too ..Japan has earthquakes :) How old are they


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