Friday, March 11, 2011

Man Proposes God Disposes

This proverb is so significant that i have seen it happening time and again in my life. Not that I am unhappy for what happened. I do believe in what happens is for good. There must be a reason when god bestows anything on us. Happy or Sad i accept it. But this time was a different experience and thus wanted to record this event before i forget it.

Tiny goes to a school C close by home. Little goes to a school P also close by.It so got decided at the start of the current academic year that school P is moving far far away from where we stay. The other complaint with School P was too many holidays. So we decided that we might have to move Little to another school. Why on earth do we have to send him that far and when he is just in kindergarten, was a question the rest of the family also had. I had the opinion that he should go to school C. That way the holidays and PTM (Parents Teacher Meeting) and everything works out. It so happens that for a PTM one of us go to school P and the other to school C.
I went ahead and got the application form at school C for Little in November when all schools start the admission process. We were asked to meet the principal and then paid the admission fees since we were so sure of things. We were happy to get a sibling discount as well. Now starts the fun...

A very good school J close by home started issuing applications and for all reasons it is a tough deal to get into this school. I wanted to see how Little can fair in an interview all by himself and also what he might have learnt in the school P. I applied for this school and was so sure he will NOT be able to get it here. No, No i have total confidence in my son. But we knew there are around 700 applicants for just 150 seats and this school uses strictly no influence or money. They are also strict about their class strength of 35 each. 2 weeks from then was the announcement of seats. We were not bothered to check it out. I had to work that saturday and thus asked the hubby to go check the list. Since he was so sure on me that whatever happens we are going to stick with school C, he went to the school after a cool afternoon siesta. He then calls me and says, guess what Little has made it. I told him to check for the application number, father's name and he says it is all the same. I was thrilled and then the opinions from friends and a couple of relatives made us change our mind and admit him to school J. I just hope and pray the journey of changing schools ends here for Tiny and Little. Hopefully they settle down well in their respective schools and we don't go school hunting now and then.


  1. Hi Sumana

    How exciting. Even I could feel the excitement as I read your post. I read about these admissions "tests" that all your kids (India I mean) have to go through to get in - like you - I feel so curious as to how KB will handle something like that - he had a "interview" for one hour in the classroom to get into this KG program but it was not a "test".
    I would be so stressed if KB had to take a test to get into some school I really liked!
    You should write more! COme on! Write a response post to what my post on siblings! Will be nice to read about your perspective!

  2. Wow!! Congratulations are due after knowing what getting into a good school there is like :) So now would you consider sending Tiny there too?

  3. Cool! Good luck to ur "little" one on the new school! It must have reopened in does he like it so far?
    PS: Realized that u had posted a comment on my post just as I was reading ur blog :)


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