Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Picky Tiny

Tiny seems to be a real picky girl be it clothes, food. I have been observing this from when she was eighteen months, she would pick what she would like to wear like her pants and shirt with utmost care and she was good at it. Even today it seems tough to get her to wear something from outside her pile. Certain frocks which she thinks she should not wear. So i would have to keep coaxing her that she should wear them otherwise they will fall short and i would have to give it away. This morning, she saw me open the other wardrobe which normally stores a few wedding sarees and such. She comes up to tell me in an angry tone: Amma, if you do not wear the brown saree, it will fall short. I was about to chortle and there she says with her forefinger pointing, I am serious....


  1. You better be serious now! :)

  2. don't laugh, be serious!!! :)

    they sure do learn from us, don't they?

  3. @preethi: :)
    @joy, @suma: Ya i have to be now that the little terror is out grinning. They learn to imitate before anything else.
    @ceedy: Welcome to my blog.
    @monika: Thanks

  4. hi, this is my first time at your blog! i loved this one... kids never spare a chance like this at getting back at us, do they! :P

  5. LOL ..that was cute :) How old is Miss Picky now?

  6. @swathi & @mnamma: ;)
    @guruprasad: welcome here. I agree.
    @neera: Tiny is 4 now.

  7. Well said Guruprasad... Kids are really smart and will hit back when they get a chance.

  8. @Avani: Welcome to my blog. They do.

  9. This is the most interesting phase of growing up & parenting. Enjoy yourself fully! They definitely give you food for thought.



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