Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One Year Later

It has been a year already that we returned back to Bangalore. It just feels like a few days back. As i close my eyes, i can just visualise and place myself in the apartment we lived a year back, in the usual neighbourhood areas we normally spent time at, grocery stores, temple, work, car and the good old friends. Just a thunderstorm of memories seem to clog the brain and take me to wonderland. To add to it, our little girl keeps talking about how the snowman lost his cap in the windy city, how she used to get some fun stuff to eat on her way back home from the school everyday, last but not the least, she would like to call the Disney characters from Florida (she visited last year) to celebrate her 5th birthday.
Memories are all we really own. by Elias Lieberman


  1. awww...time flies, doesn't it?

    i know that my nephews who moved to bangalore from arizona 4 years back, still miss the US...ii is a big change no matter what age you are...

  2. Its one year! Wow.. It seemed so recent... D just turned 4 right? She is planning for her 5th birthday. BTW Happy Birthday to sweet little V.. He is turning 2??? time flies...

  3. 'memories are all we really own'
    very true and that is what no one can take away.how does it feel to be back in India.I keep hoping that my children would return soon.some friends of theirs have come back and find it good to be here.

  4. @suma: Sure a huge one
    @Joy:Thanks for the wishes. Ya look at her she keeps planning her bdays and tells us the way to get that done.
    @HHG: To say the truth, I have no cribs coming back. Miss my friends out there.

  5. Identify with every word u have written :) Vansh talks so much about the US too ..even though he likes being here, at times he is just flooded by the desire to go back there. At other times he says he'll take everyone there once he finishes college.

  6. Hi sumana - hopped on to your blog from HHG's :).

    Keep writing - will be back for more :)

  7. Hey.. so you are back in india :) Its definitely a lot of change for your kid. Hope he likes it here in the days to come :)

  8. have tagged you, Sumana..pls maadi...:)

  9. Neera: Sure same it is here
    Gauri: Welcome here
    Kowsalya: I wonder if she wil ever forget her stay in the US.
    Suma:Sure Suma maadthini


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