Monday, November 3, 2008


I am not the person who does the back office kind of work. That might leave you wondering as to what i am hinting. I meant that i never ever get to stuff like transferring the digital pics and uploading the same or compiling the camcorder video to mpeg and burn it on to a DVD or VCD.All that was DH's work and he loves doing/re-doing it. I did not bother doing this anytime in the span of six years that we owned a digital cam.

A week and a half back, one night when the kids were off to sleep, I had to attend a meeting from 10 pm which i knew would never end up before 12 midnight. So I connected the camera and transferred the snaps to the laptop while i was attending the meeting. The transfer kept me up half an hour more after the meeting.

A week later, I was planning to go on a short vacation to Mysore to meet my cousins. The previous night i charged the battery and kept the camera along with the other stuff that needed to be taken. All i remember is just that. I lost the camera not to find it anywhere in the bag nor the suitcase. I did not even board a crowded bus or anything of that sort. It remains a mystery as to how i lost the camera. I am only glad and happy that i moved all the pictures to the laptop before loosing it.

DH was at Sydney on an official trip and wanted to know if we needed anything from there. Quickly sent him an email, where the last line quoted the missing camera mystery.I was expecting a fiery reply. He says we are good competitors no doubt. The reason was DH lost a video ipod couple of months back in a crowded bus.

All that is left is a camcorder which is on house arrest for right now.


  1. that was strong intuition at work, girl...

    thank goodness u transferred the pictures...i too hardly download those...its not my job :)

  2. I thought i was famous for losing things. "How come you don't get lost yourself?" is what my husband asks. actually I don't really lose things I just misplace them and get them back when i look for something else.So don't lose hope.

  3. It would have been worse had you lost the pictures with the cam - so think of small mercies. Let us hope you will find it somewhere you haven't looked so far.

  4. @Preethi: :(
    @suma: Ya true
    @HHG, @Usha : LOL at what your husband says. I too hope to find it somewhere miraculously but till now no traces.

  5. It is good that you transferred all the pictures Sumana. It would have a felt a lot worse otherwise. And a lot of things do turn up when you are least expecting them, so hopefully the camera is still in the house and will turn up eventually.

  6. @mnamma: I wonder if it has switched many many hands by now. My parents gifted us a new one for our anniversary.That is a solace.

  7. Sorry to hear about your loss of the camera.

    My uncle in Delhi has lost quite a few gadgets and gets really emotional when it happens.

    To assuage his emotions, he would end up buying an identical model!

    Nice to have your parents gift one.
    Did you get an identical model ?


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