Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Perfect Day

A tag by Suma to describe my kind of day. Now this makes a lot of sense to me. Having always stayed in Karnataka, where the weather is never extreme but always kind enough to soothe the soul, it was never a concern or a restriction to do anything. I did travel quite a bit through North and south of India during childhood and school days but that would be again when the weather in the visiting place is favourable. Thus had never experienced extremities and probably weather god was mighty pleased ;). It was only after i landed in the USA and all the more in Chicago (called the windy city) during the onstart of serious winter what with 14 inches of snow around, reality dawned on me. The first few days to work, i would always curse the hubby as to why would any sane person land here to fight this kind of face biting cold at -31 degree Fahrenheit, walk to the train station as there was no parking for the car .But then i was convinced and filled with hope that summers are going to be bright and dry and started looking forward to it. But after being back here, i feel the weather here is ultimate with only a slight temperature increase, blame it all on the global warming.

I would always love a working day filled with bright sunshine and not so that makes one perspire. I am so not used to carrying the handkerchief girl. I feel the brightness of the sun keeps one up and going thru the day. I like the late night rains which cools down the weather, so that all you need for a good night sleep is a comforter with windows open and the curtains partially on with a small bedlight on. Rains accompanied with light thunder and lightning is welcome, so that i can coupe up all the dark forest stories with little bear who gets lost only to find Barney later - which can just put the kids off to sleep.

Anybody who like to describe their favourite times and weathers please take it on.


  1. that sounds like perfect weather, esp the late night rains...its actually soothing to hear the pitter patter of teh rain on teh roof...

    i love the bangalore weather tho i remember a time when even the fans were not needed...:(

    and i too hate carrying hankies...

    nicely done, sumana...:)

  2. perfect ... late night rains and sunny days.. its getting cold here.. so I can use some warmth!! I lived in Bangalore for a couple of years.. loved it.. :) Happy Diwali girl!

  3. hey what happened to the latest post...?

  4. Having stayed in Fremont CA, i only had one chance of visiting Chicago during the summers of 2003. I have heard how rough the weather gets in the winters though.

    I have mainly lived in North India but have vivid memories of Bangalore which i had visited over a decade back! I am sure things would have changed now with it becoming a IT capital.

    It was colder in Delhi for us than now in Fremont :)


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