Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mystery, Humor, Mischief, truth and much more

It has been long that i really held a book in my hand especially a novel from the past four years. Different genres of books amaze the soul. Couple of weeks back, a visit to the library to get some panchatantra tales for Tiny, tempted me to pick up the book Indian -Insight into Self management by O.P.Sharma. One friday night i sat to read that and the kids were still playing. Tiny gets a book "David and Goliath" and sits next to me with the comforter pulled on her leg and trying to imitate. Little comes down sees the two of us and runs to get a magazine from nowhere, holds it upside down and fights for the same comforter which his sister does not want to share with him. And that is the end of reading these days.
Suma had tagged me a long long while ago. Bear with me Suma, as the target of this month was to complete this tag before any other post. The gist of the tag is a mention of top ten literary characters. So here it goes:

1.Swami and Friends by R.K.Narayan :- Swami a small town boy who is known to play mischief with all humour.
2.Yajnaseni by Pratibha Roy :- Character of Draupadi bought out by the author and how she voices her opinions.
3.Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens :- Oliver with his trembling hands in great fear asks for more reveals his boldness to speak up for himself.
4.Fifty Famous people by James Baldwin:-All the fifty short stories had some interesting personalities.
5.Ulysses Cyclops by James Joyce:-Ulysses who is the hero with a magical power in him, fights against all odds
6.The Little Mermaid by Hans Anderson :- Little mermaid saves the prince's life from the storm and never waits for him to thank her back though she was in love with the prince. Attitude of doing things with a sense of duty and not obsession.
7.Avarna by Byrappa:- Kannada novel which means act of hiding the truth. The character of Lakshmi who is the daughter of a landlord is very well visualized.
8.Blow your House Down by Pat Barker :- Jean who takes intelligently takes revenge of the serial killer.
9.Five on a Treasure Island from the Famous Five by Enid Blyton
10.That Long Silence by Shashi Deshpande:- A dutiful wife questioning her own identity.

I would like to pass it on to Adorable Pancreas, IHM, Mnamma and Monika. Never mind if you guys have already completed the tag.

Edited to Add:

All blogs i read and follow daily like a ritual and get hooked onto are really brilliant. Each of them inspire and add a way of thinking to my uni directional mind. Saying that this gets tough as to whose way i should be sending this award. Most of them would have received it already. I would like to send it across to

Kowsalya, Twisted DNA, Usha


  1. thanks for the tag... but i ahve already done it... read it here

  2. Thanks! This will a favourite tag, and full of favourites :)
    Swami was adorable. Loved the way RK Narayan made you see the world through his eyes.

  3. That was so adorable the way little and tiny fought over the comforter.. :) Swami is just great isnt he?!

  4. you can take as much time as you long as you enjoy doing it :D

    that's apretty impressive list out there...and i've yet to read nos.2,4,8, 10...

    loved swami...swaraj is hooked onto feluda by satyajit ray...but has yet to show a keen interest n Rk Narayan...:(

  5. @monika: Nice books though.
    @IHM:Did you get to watch the TV serials Malgudi days?
    @preethi:You know who is the happiest when Tiny goes to school. It is just that little guy doing tata with a ever smiling face. Anybody else tries to step out of the house, the neighbours come to know.
    @suma:Oh yes I did enjoy the tag and the books in the wardrobe got a little sun bath.Feluda, kind of sherlock holmes mystery in it??

  6. Thank you Sumana for the award :) It's interesting to note that I didn't read any of the books from your list :) R.K.Narayan's works have been highly recommended though. I should probably get them at some point.

  7. hmmm ...yes, a sort of desi sherlock...

  8. more tag for you pls...:D

  9. Thanks for the tag Sumana! I really like this tag and will be taking it pretty soon. Many of the books you listed are my favorites too. I was going through some of your old posts, very nice to read. I especially liked the me-me post. Tinly and Little are very cute together :)


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