Friday, November 2, 2007

Vocabulary of a 3 year old

I was trying to have oo-oo conversation with my Little who is 6 months old now. He was responding in his own language. Tiny does not need any help in the restroom these days. Everything starts and ends with MYSELF... "I will do it myself" is all we hear from her. So i left this fiercly independent girl to get done with her usual stuff after she comes back from school. She all of a sudden comes running crying out aloud.

Me: What happened? Why do you have to cry?
She: I have a boo-boo on my lip
Me: Where did you hurt yourself? Comeon Show it to me...
She: Amma, Don't touch It is gross.

Hmm this was one word i don't remember using and am not sure where she learnt from...


  1. Their vocabulary is much enriched than ours. Aruna sometimes corrects me when I pronounce one of her friend's name incorrectly!

  2. LoL...
    This is only the beginning!

    Expect the unexpected from now on!!

  3. You are tagged ( :)

  4. lol....
    their vocabulary is really amazing...
    every day is rendered more interesting with their kiddy prattlings!!

  5. American television is your answer! :-)


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