Thursday, November 22, 2007


We got a snow shower today and Tiny was absolutely happy. She loves to sled. She grabbed the phone from me when i was on a call with my parents.
Tiny: Pati (meaning grandmom), you know it is snowing here
Pati: Wow wonderful..
Tiny: Do you like to see it?
Pati: Yes
Tiny takes the phone near the window
Tiny: See Pati, here it is snowing

Tiny seems to be in the era of look thru phones.


  1. Hey.. Nantu does the same thing too with the phone... and isnt snow so wonderful.. esp first snow.. we love it here!!

  2. Preethi: That is true, i too love the snow, and i wish i would not have to drive to work that day.

  3. No it is called the magic of love - ask your mom, she would say that she actually SAW the snow that Tiny showed her!

  4. I agree with Usha. Sure pati would have seen the snow through Tiny's eyes.

    Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. But I am not very good at keeping the tag spirit but sure I will one day do it :)

  5. Thats your kid's way of telling you that it time u bought a 3G phone for the grandma and yourself!

  6. cute isnt and their way of sharing happiness all around..then why ,when we grow as adults forget to spread happiness around ?

  7. so cute.and i am sure your mom actually saw the snow falling.

  8. Choooo Cweeeet, I could imagine that, my love to Tiny!!! I love to see the snow. amazing is this nature, isn't it?


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