Friday, August 3, 2007

Tiny's First Few Words

Tiny is the pet name of my daughter. Why Tiny???? When she was born, she was just too little. I remember the gynecologist telling me:
"She is a little peanut. Can i put her back in??"
I replied :
No Not after all this pain!!!!
She never went through the crawling phase and started to walk and talk early in about 9-10 months.
I feel bad, I had to leave back to work when she was 3 months. Parents and inlaws were here to take care of her for a while. But then there came a day when she had to step out of the house and go to my neighbour who was a baby sitter. They did not speak the same language as us. The below was the translation list which was the interpreter between the two.
BABBA – Want to go out for a walk
UKKONU – Want to sit
ONU – I want it
VAANDA – Don’t want
SHAYA – Put it properly, it’s hurting or irritating
MUM MUM – Food
SHEAL – Cereal
THITHO – Water
APRU – And then
BIKI – Biscuit
CHINNI – Small
KAAI – Carrot/Beans
ABBU – Got hurt/indication of arm’s scratching
AIYOYO – Oh! My goodness
SHIMMIM – Swimming
THATHA, PATI – Grandpa, Grandma
YENGE – Where, for e.g.
Appa yenge – Where is Daddy?
Amma yenge – Where is Mummy?
INGEY – Its here, for e.g.
Q) Doggie (the rocking toy) yenge?
A) She might point out -> Doggie ingey!

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