Monday, December 19, 2011

What do you do when......

All parents and mostly moms wish to spend more time with their kiddos. Sometimes it might be just talking and whiling away time or sometimes it may be playing an indoor or outdoor game. Basically to reach an end to anything there ought to be a quarrel between the siblings. It was one such time. I had to ask Tiny to watch POGO. I lead Little to the bedroom since it was time for his afternoon fiesta. I was trying to shift the topic and telling him about where I had gone that morning leaving them (Tiny and Little) at home with my parents. So this was how it went:

Me: Little I met this friend X (Tiny's friend) at the Godh Bharai [baby shower function]. She was asking for you and Tiny.
Little: After a ten second pause... Amma, Does she like me???
A little perplexed look later She kissed me the other day amma.

A dumb struck mom does not know how to react...

That same evening:

Tiny: Amma, you know B (a boy) wrote a love letter to R (girl) (both are her classmates)
Me: Haan
Tiny : Repeating herself
Me: What is a love letter??? Tiny do you know??
Tiny: You know he had actually written "I love you" after taring a sheet from the English copy book.

I just had to go around looking for a rope...

And No we hardly watch any movies or things of that sort along with the kids.


  1. OMG!!! Its strange that such little kids know that concept. But stranger that they are implementing it. You know we used to talk about our friends who are in love during college time that its too early!!! Don't know what to say now!!!

  2. Yup true college days were the times i remember as well. Now these guys just drive me up the walls.

  3. Wow..times have changed...we need to learn new skills of handling them...

  4. Hey J. Long time it has been since you blogged. Me dancing here, seeing your comment. Welcome back.

    I swear times have changed and also i think the things they do and the way we look at it are so different. I was told by a counsellor that what they do is not what you think.


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