Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little and the Black Stars

Little has been getting a couple of red stars everyday or alternate days from the time school started. I asked him what that meant. He mentioned that because he was a good boy at school, he got them. Then a few days he let me know that everybody in the class got them. For past few days i kept seeing black stars on his hand, so much that it takes a lot of scrubbing to get that off. I was told by him that was given by mam as well.
Even before me inquiring the mam, the bus driver told me that Little is very naughty at school and talks a lot in the class and that is why he got a black star. I told him a couple of times to behave well at school and not get black stars anymore. Then the very next day, he had 2 black stars. I warned him and told him that i would come and speak to his mam. He says: "Amma, why do you only see black stars and not red stars. I have 2 red and 2 black. Two for being good and two for being bad."

Edited To Add:
A couple of years back when Little went to Playhome, he cried everyday asking me to accompany in his van to school. Forward to an year, he was fine going on his own, but sent flying kisses my way till the bus was a mile away from the pickup point. Forward it to now, he being a kindergartener, looks around before giving any flying kisses and asks me to leave the stop. Is this his way of telling me, I am not a baby anymore....? I am glad he enjoys it and pray the same continues..


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  2. hahahha..2 for being good and 2 for being bad :)

  3. I had this post open and started commenting when I got was open on my laptop for hours on end...finally when I sat down to do it I had to restart the comp...and I didn't even end up commenting.
    Amazing how kids show to us in their very simple words our own we tend to focus on their negatives...KB says that to me also...if he gets mad at me when I compare him to some other kid who behaved well he says "Mamma, you are encouraging me in a bad way!". :)

  4. We want our children to get red stars always. But believe me an occasional black star makes the red one look better and brighter. Too many red stars would make little laid back and taking success for granted. I know of a little boy who was the perfect student in primary classes. he was not that good in High school and could not handle set backs.


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