Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Little Bits

We have a neighbour whose grand kid goes to a boarding school. He was Little's good friend and used to be called Anna (meaning brother). The guys played cricket with all sorts of things. Little loved playing anna's video games, all he would look for is pressing the keys and see something happen.
Anna disappeared one day to a boarding school and Little had a lot of questions. We told him what a boarding school meant and how the parents were not always allowed there and kids did things independently.
Now Tiny uses this to scare the little fellow when he tries to snatch things from her. The conversation goes like this:
Tiny: If you do like this, amma will send you to boarding school
Little: Quiet for sometime.
Tiny: There will be no appa, no amma and myself. You have to be alone there.
Little: No problem, Anna stays there.
Tiny:(comes running)Amma he wants to go to a boarding school. Why don't you take him there?


  1. Oh God ...right now if Vansh troubles Jiya a lot, basically by way of teasing her - running away with her things, etc, I threaten him we'll take Jiya somewhere and leave her and he stops immediately because he doesn't like that thought at all. Don't tell me after a while he would say this to me!!

  2. Woww - the little blackmailer :)

  3. Ah, the world is a better place for the innocence of children :-)

  4. heheh. And I am pretty sure that you send little even to their ajji's house for a day, Tiny will be begging you to bring him back.
    Hey, why did I think that both tiny and little were girls?

  5. @Neera: It is just a few minute thingy. This was the opposite when Little was down with viral and was in the hospital for a week. Tiny sent video recordings on our phones to Little and Little wanted to see those before he slept.
    @mnamma: Yep
    @Anil: Welcome to my blog.
    @Usha:You are perfectly right, an hour of separation will leave me with so many questions from each. Tiny is only allowed to go to school leaving him back not anywhere and vice versa.

  6. i remember my brother's wife telling my niece that she'd be sent to a boarding school if she did not eat up her food and my niece not more than 8 years old at the time would say 'Oh! what fun.' But when she really had to leave home it was a different story altogether.i've spent 8 years of my school and college lives in 2cdiffeent hostels. It was fun in its own way but home is home!tiny and little are too small to understand but Tiny's reaction was cute and as for Little saying that 'anna would be there in the boarding', well I have no words to adequately express myself.


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