Monday, June 22, 2009

To the Himalayas and Back

A much awaited and needed vacation that was to the Himalayas. This trip was unique on its own. This was the first time the kids stayed away from us for a week and vice versa. They were with my parents and did well for the most part. Secondly, I will be wrong in saying a trip to the Himalayas, because what we visited was only a very minute fraction of the gigantic mountain range, so serene and composed. I fall short of words to describe the same. I had been there in my teens and knew what to expect. For the most part, things have changed. I would say people have been more adventurous and explorative, and we could see a lot of rafting, camping, trekking, diving places all thru our way up the mountains. Here are the few snaps from the trip.

Ganga at Rishikesh

Enroute Badrinath

Badrinath Shrine

Confluence of Alaknanda (from Badrinath) and Mandakini (from Kedarnath) at Rudraprayag

Confluence of Ganga (from Gangotri) and Alaknanda at DevPrayag

Ganga ji ki aarthi at Haridwar

We ventured into our very first white water rafting experiment. It was fun and we fared well compared to our skiing trials where we came down with soar and painful body and promised ourselves never to venture again.


  1. wow! simply wow!the pics are beautiful...have you posted more on Fb?

    it's nice to go on a vacation where you come back truly humbled, rested and at peace.

  2. Wow!!! HImalayas is my favourite spot is so divine.
    The pictures are so lovely....

  3. wow... that looks so great.. my sis wants so badly to go to the Himalayas. But I have Cheeky in tow on my India trip. Cant drag him to Badri :( Hey where are you in India?

  4. DOnt bother.. just remembered and confirmed in your prev post.. Bangalore right?? :)

  5. @suma:Thanks. Totally agree.
    @prats: Sure it is.
    @preethi:Oh ya he is just 4 and you will not be doing justice taking him there. So when you coming down? Am in bangalore.
    @Joy: Thanks

  6. Suma, will upload a few to picasa and send you the link.

  7. Wonderful pictures!And as for venturing without your children I hope you trusted them to be good at your parent's place and did not worry yourself sick to the extent of not enjoying every moment of your wonderful trip.

  8. absolutely lovely pics send me too more if u have uploaded on picasa ..which place is the second pic ..that road one?

  9. wow.. I have been wanting to trek in the himalayas. The photos were awesome especially the confluence of gangotri... Its so serene.

  10. @swati: Thanks. Welcome here.
    @HHG: I really am carefree in that context.
    @Neera: I did upload a few on orkut. 2nd one is on the way to Badri after Joshimutt.
    @kowsalya: Definitely beautiful to trek but choosing the right season might be a challenge.

  11. Beautiful Pics Sumana. Sounds like a wonderful vacation and spiritual getaway.


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